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GreeceTenders provides information on all government tenders from Greece like: framework tenders, NGO, open and Small tenders.

GreeceTenders not only provides information on Greece government bids and tenders, but also helps its clients in applying to Greece government tenders. It provides host of services in connection with Public Procurement/Tendering with the help of local agents. Some of the services are: Purchase and Submission of Tender documents, attending pre-bid meeting, bid opening and help in EMD etc.

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GRT Ref No.  56659794

Deadline  14th Oct 2021

Country  Greece

GRT Ref No.  57347267

Deadline  11th Oct 2021

Country  Greece

GRT Ref No.  56426704

Deadline  30th Sep 2021

Country  Greece

GRT Ref No.  50326253

Deadline  17th Feb 2022

Country  Greece

GRT Ref No.  57331503

Deadline  25th Oct 2021

Country  Greece

GRT Ref No.  53112397

Deadline  14th May 2022

Country  Greece